Available siberian and neva masquerade cats (adult - 10 months and more) 

Last update 05-11-2021
The cat can be reserved by making 50% of its value (the deposit can't be returned). All catss are sold under the contract. Delivery by the purchaser. 
The cost of delivery is paid in addition to the cost of the cats

Attention: Reservation of cats is possible. 
Delivery possible in some countries. 

Cat Status: Available - cat is available and you can buy it. Reserved - cat is selected and partly paid. pre-reserve - a discussion of the purchase

Nigel *X Znatniy Zver 

male, dob 12/06/2020

color: SIB ny24

black golden spotted tabby


Houston Znatniy Zver 

male, dob 15/11/2019

color: SIB a2133

blue tabby point


Francis Znatniy Zver 

male, dob 27-09/2020

color: SIB ay2133

blue golden tabby point


Rosemarin B* Znatniy Zver 

male, dob 15-05/2020

color: SIB a2133

blue tabby point


Ingold Znatniy Zver 

male, dob 22/12/2019

color: SIB ny2133

seal golden tabby point


Sandal Znatniy Zver 

male, dob 25/05/2020

color: SIB n2133

seal tabby point