Siberian and Neva Masquerade kittens

Last update 06-04-2020
For those of you who are hoping to add a new member to the family, we are pleased to offer quality Siberian kittens.  Each and every litter is planned for carefully, and raised in a loving home environment.  Thank you for visiting!
The kitten can be reserved by making 50% of its value (the deposit can't be returned). All kittens are sold under the contract. Delivery by the purchaser. The cost of delivery is paid in addition to the cost of the kittens
Attention: Reservation of kittens is possible.
Delivery is suspended until April 30, 2020.
We apologize, we hope for your understanding. 
Available siberian kittens in cattery
Kitten Status:
Available - kitten is available and you can buy it.
Reserved - kitten is selected and partly paid.
Sold - kitten has sold.
Litter T
dob 08.07.2019 Natbers Krasavitsa Katytusha
+ Natbers Dobrinya Nikitich

color: a2133 and n2133 neva masquerade 



color: SIB a2133

blue tabby point

Litter M
dob 27.05.2019 
Carmen iz Odissei ny22 + Ramzes Sibella, ny22

color: black golden blothed tabby ny22 



color: SIB ny22

black blothed tabby 

Litter V
dob 02.08.2019  Paulina Znatniy Zver + Casper Kamskie Zori

color: a(y) 24 (golden carriers) 



color: SIB a24

blue spotted tabby 



color: SIB a24

blue spotted tabby 

Litter O
dob 15.08.2019 Assol Naslednik Dinastii + Casper Kamskie Zori

color: a2133 (golden carriers) 



color: SIB a2133

blue tabby point



color: SIB a2133

blue tabby point

Litter U
dob 06.08.2019  H*Bellezza Znatniy Zver +  Charles of Zahav*KV

color: a2133 (silver carriers) 



color: SIB a2133

blue tabby poin

Delivery  Siberian and Neva Masquerade kittens

We will help organize the delivery of Siberian and Neva Masquerade kittens all over the world! 

Delivery Cargo or courier.

EUROPE $300-600 Europe - Vienna, Minsk, Brussels, Sofia, Budapest, London, Berlin, Athens, Copenhagen, Dublin, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Vilnius, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Chisinau, Monaco, Amsterdam, Oslo, Warsaw, Lisbon, Bucharest, Belgrade, Helsinki, Paris, Podgorica, Ljubljana, Prague, Zagreb, Bern, Stockholm, Tallinn


USA $700-900  USA - New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, San Antonio, San Diego, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, Anchorage

CANADA $800-990  Canada - Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton

BRAZIL $800-990  BRAZIL -  Sao Paulo , Rio de Janeiro , 

JAPAN (+test. +quarantine 6m)$1500-1800   JAPAN Tokyo 日本、東京


South Corea (+test) $790-990 SOUTH KOREA, Seoul 대한민국 서울..

CHINA $900-1200 (+test)  China - Beijing 北京 , Shenzhen 深圳, Guangzhou 广州  Shanghai 上海

*Special offer - courier delivery: Heihe 黑河 $1000 / Blagoveshchensk 布拉格维申斯克 $900

Deliver treasure without problems in any city: train, plane, car. Courier delivery of cute tails - with a personal escort, preparation of all necessary documents for transportation.

Kittens list

Litter K - 12 - 04- 2019  Wita Deilig Znatniy Zver + Lubomir Dubravushka -- (4 males ( 2 black tabby, 2 red tabby ) (2m)

Litter L - 15 - 04- 2019 Fleurdelise Znatniy Zver + Lubomir Dubravushka -- (4 males ( 3 black tabby, 1 blue tabby) SOLD

Litter M - 27 - 05- 2019 Carmen iz Odissei + Ramzes Sibella -  3 siberian female and one male -  black golden marble tabby (2f)

Litter R - 24 - 06 - 2019 H*Rosalinda Znatniy Zver + Charles of Zahav*KV  1 neva masquerade male, blue tabby point SOLD

Litter "T"  08 - 07 - 2019  Natber's Krasavitsa Katyusha + CH. Natber s DOBRINYA Nikitich 4 boys blue and black tabby point (1m)

Litter "U"  06 - 08 - 2019  H*Bellezza Znatniy Zver +  Charles of Zahav*KV 2 girls , one boy . blue tabby point (maybe with white) (1f)

Litter "V"  02 - 08 - 2019  Paulina Znatniy Zver + Casper Kamskie Zori 2 boys one girl blue tabby and blue golden tabby (1m/1f)

Litter "O"  15 - 08 - 2019  Assol Naslednik Dinastii + Casper Kamskie Zori 4 boys, one girl blue tabby point (3m)

Litter "U"  21- 10 - 2019 Wenke Herlig Znatniy Zver + Casper Kamskie Zori one girl black golden spotted tabby (1f)


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